Social events for 2019

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Three events are being considered for 2019.  These are:

*  22nd May – Dinner at a venue to be advised

*  28th August  – “0” Birthdays Eltham Hotel there are 6 birthdays to celebrate for 2019
*  11th Dec – Christmas Lunch at Vibrante

Exploratory Walks Wednesday February 13

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Moderate walk : Car Pool from Eltham Lower park at 8.30am
Park in the small car park in Conos Ct, close to Park Rd (Mel 49 A1), or in adjacent Park Rd .
The walk will follow the section of the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail completed in 2018.
Cross Park Rd, and walk downhill to the point where a trail along the creek is on the right. Walk to Heads Rd and beyond, possibly through to the Mullum Mullum Tunnel. Retrace steps back to Park Rd.  If time allows, turn right along Park Rd, cross the road, and pick up the path within the Alan Morton Reserve (and which runs parallel to Park Rd. Walk to the roundabout at Drayton Cres (Mel 35 C11), then retrace steps back to the cars.
The section of the walk which uses the new trail is very easy. Members who would normally do the Easy walks will have no difficulty with this. On completing the section of the Mullum Mullum Trail, they can turn left and return to the cars several hundred metres back along Park Rd. Walkers who normally do the Moderate walks might like to do the extension through the Alan Morton Reserve.
EASY Walk : Koonung Creek Circuit                  8kms

The walk begins at Elgar Park, corner of Elgar Rd and the Eastern Freeway.

Walk north 100 metres along the concrete path to a T junction.  Turn right and walk under the Elgar Rd bridge.

Follow the path (creek on your left), walking through the Frank Sedgman Reserve.  When you arrive at Station St take the left-hand path up onto Station St and go northwards.  Cross where safe and walk north again a short way to Whittens Lane (about 100 metres, a dead-end on your right).  Enter this and look for a path on the right: take this and walk about 1½ kms through Tram Rd Reserve and Koonung Creek Linear Reserve to Wetherby Rd.  Go under this and continue to Blackburn Rd.

Walk southwards along Blackburn Rd, crossing the freeway.  Look for the trail on your right.  Take this and return to the cars.