E-waste collection

By August 5, 2018General News

What is e-waste? They are any electronic devices we don’t use anymore because it is superseded or broken. It includes TV’s, computers, printers, keyboards, screens, hard drives, mouses, cords, mobile phones, batteries, DVD and CD players, globes and fluoro tubes.

Collection dates: Monday August 20, Wednesday August 22 and Friday August 24. Bring all your items along. Mark has kindly agreed to receive them, but I am confident that we can collect a lot more than fits in his vehicle.

There are several places to which you can take the items directly if you prefer not to show your “dirty linen” to the whole group!

For Nillumbik residents, the Yan Yean Rd depot takes all of those items without charge I understand. Edendale Farm takes many of the smaller items – batteries, mobiles, CDs and DVDs, globes and fluoro tubes. They also take corks, x-rays (out of their envelopes), toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes.

For Banyule residents, Banyule Waste Recovery Centre, Waterdale Rd, Bellfield takes all e-waste mentioned above for free.

For Whittlesea residents there are a couple of options. Ask Mark for details.

So, let’s get searching out all those cupboards and corners where you have hidden all these items and fill Mark’s van and more. You have got 3 weeks, long enough for you to get the job done and not too long that you can forget!