Easy exploratory walk Friday 1 Nov

By October 29, 2019General News

Kalparrin Gardens and a Little More, Greensborough
4.5-6kms 1¾ hrs Mel 20 J1
Bert & Helen Fine, Ian Burns
Surface = 2, steepness = 2

Hard surface path but with wide grassy edges most of the way, minimal undulations. Ample car parking along Whatnough Park and/or Yando St.
The walk begins at the Kalparrin Early Childhood Intervention Centre in Kalparrin Ave., Greensborough.
From Kalparrin turn left onto Yando St using the footpath going very gently uphill, passing the skatepark and St. Mary’s Tennis Club on the left.
Ignore the park entrance just beyond the Tennis Club and with the lake now in full view, continue along Yando St. to the second park entrance.
Enter the Park and walk westwards along the northern edge of the lake, veering slightly left at the toilets on the right, with a children’s playground on the right and a footbridge on the left.
Cross the lake using the bridge. Turn immediately left and walk along the southern side of the lake until reaching an obvious U-turn to the right leading to the BBQ/picnic area further on the left. This upper path roughly follows the direction of the railway line on the left.
Just past the BBQ shed, turn right into Pinehills Drive and walk through the carpark to the other side of the lake, ignoring the first path on the right.

Re-enter the park using the second path on the right towards the playground and the duckpond.
Walkers who brought some stale bread can now feed the ducks (haha), while others might want to make use of the toilet amenities a little further on the left.
Return to Yando St. using a short uphill path behind the toilets and then all the way down to Kalparrin Ave.
At the intersection of Yando St and Kalparrin Ave, find the footbridge across the Plenty River (on the left). Walk across the bridge and turn sharp left onto the lower (old) section of the trail, through abundant vegetation (acacias in spring) and with the river in full view all the way. At the junction with the shared path (watch for bikes) take a right and walk back to the footbridge.
At this point the group can decide to call it a day (approx. 4.5 km) or continue around Partington’s Flat via the Diamond Valley Soccer Club, up the escarpment to the Greensborough Tennis Club and the “dreaded” swing bridge.
Cross this, turning right immediately and walking back around Whatnough Park to the cars in Kalparrin Ave. This extension may be a little easier underfoot depending on weather conditions and will add approx. 1.5 km to the walk making it a total distance of 6 km.

Coffee at Mabel Jones, Grimshaw St, Greensborough (park at rear).