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Exploratory Walk – Friday 11/8/17

August 11, 2017

To: EEWG members

From Tony Stutterd

Subject: Exploratory walk

When: Friday, 11 August,2017. 09:00 if car-pooling; 09:30 if travelling direct to
the site

The walk will be in an area of South Morang and Doreen, located between the Northern
boundary of Hawekstowe Park and the Carome Homestead. it will take incorporate an
informal track along the Plenty River.

Car pooling location: Greensborough Sports Complex, Melway 11 A10

To reach the start of the walk, proceed North along Plenty Road to Macarthur Rd,
South Morang (Mel 183 H4), located on your left. Turn right here, and enter
Hawkstowe Pde. I am hoping that this will be possible, but there are substantial
roadworks taking place along Plenty Rd, so a detour is possible. Proceed along
Hawkstowe Pde for 500m, then turn right into Wilton Vale Rd. Continue to the
junction of Wilton Vale Rd and Gledswood Ave. Park here: Melway 184 A4

The walk: Proceed East for c1km to the end of Wilton Vale Rd. Turn left, following
the meandering trajectory of the river to the overhead transmission lines (c2km).
Turn left, and walk under the power lines for 500m; the river will be immediately on
your right. Turn right, again to follow the river rather then the power lines, and
proceed c1.2km in a generally NW direction to the Carome Homestead. Just before
reaching the homestead, the river meanders to create a loop; at some point in the
evolution of the river, this loop will be breached, to create an island. This
shouldn’t occur on Friday. In any case, the walk need not include this loop.

Carome might be an appropriate point at which to have a drink.

On leaving the homestead, follow the road to the property boundary (Hathfelde Bvd).
Cross this road, and walk along Muswellbrook Gv for 250m. Turn left here into Bermah
Dve. Walk to it’s end, passing through a couple of roundabouts along the way, Turn
right; Hilltop Park will be on your left. After a few metres, you will reach a
small footbridge. Rather than cross this, look for the footpath on the left that
traverses the park; a small stream will be on the right. A crescent called Connelly
Way will be on your left, close to the path. The path now crosses what is called a
Wildlife and Wetland Corridor – in reality, the land below the transmission lines.
You are now back to Gledswood Ave. Follow this for c800m to return to the cars.
The walk is about 7km in length


August 11, 2017