EEWG is governed by a Committee of Management.

The EEWG holds three General Meetings each year: the Annual General Meeting, usually in July or August and two Special General meetings, one near the end of each semester.

At the Annual General Meeting six members are elected to fill the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer and three ordinary members.

A Walking Planning GroupĀ  organises each semester’s walking program (in a planning meeting) in readiness for the Special General Meeting. The program is then presented to the meeting for discussion and final agreement.

The Committee can co-opt other members to temporarily fill vacancies due to extended absences of members on holidays or sick leave or to participate on specific working parties or sub-committees.

Members of the EEWG committee shall indicate one month prior to the AGM their intention or otherwise to stand for the ensuing year. Information about committee nominees will be included at the time of notification of the AGM and in Member Information on the Website.

EEWG holds an account with Great Southern Bank. Withdrawals require three signatories – Treasurer plus two other committee members.