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Mel 12 J4


Commences at the corner of Wattle Glen-Kangaroo Ground Rd and Valley Rd in the small parking area off Valley Rd.  Turn left and walk along sealed Valley Rd to Thorns Rd; the last 200m of this is moderately steep.  At the T junction, continue straight ahead and downhill on the now gravel section of Valley Rd.  At the bottom of the hill, Valley Rd veers to the left.  Ignore this, and instead veer to the right onto Moonlight Rd, walking for 1.2km.  Initially, this is a steady and again moderately steep climb before it levels out, and leads to another T junction.  This is

Flat Rock Rd.  Turn right here, and where possible use the informal paths on the verge, as Flat

Rock Rd can be busy with traffic.  Walk for 1km to another T junction.  Turn right into Watery Gully Rd, and look for the crushed rock path on the right (part of the Green Wedge Trail).  For the next 1.5km, follow this path; you will find that it changes from one side of the road to the other several times.  Soon, you will pass Jones Rd on the left.  On reaching a T junction with Thorns Rd, turn right.  Watery Gully Rd will continue straight ahead, but you will not be following this.  After a short distance walking along Thorns Rd, the next T junction will be Valley Rd.  Turn left here, and follow the sealed road used at the beginning of the walk down the hill to the parked cars.  There are toilets near the Wattle Glen General Store in Wattle Glen-Kangaroo Ground Rd.