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Commences at the car park off the east end of Separation St, Alphington.  One approach from the Eltham area to reach this car park is from Upper Heidelberg Rd: turn right into Banksia St, left into Oriel Rd at the roundabout, right into Darebin Rd (Livingstone St), left into Grange Rd, then left into Separation St.  Drive to the end and turn left onto a bluestone road and car park. 

Park near the toilets.

From the carpark, turn left (North) onto the footpath, and walk 400m to Smith St.  Almost immediately, turn right and down onto the footpath running parallel to Darebin Creek. 

Immediately turn sharply right to cross the footbridge over the creek.  This will bring you into Abercorn Ave.  After 250m, turn right into Della Torre Cr and walk a further 300m.  Next, turn right along Kenilworth Pde; note that this turn is easily missed.  After 150m, look for and follow the path that falls away to the left, and which will take you into Nellie Ibbott Park.  Walk along this gravel path for 2 km to Banksia St. Along the way, you will cross a number of minor roads, as well as the more substantial Livingstone Rd.  Turn left into Banksia St, and walk 500m.  Cross the sometimes busy Oriel Rd, and walk 500m.  At the roundabout T junction on Liberty Pde and Banksia St, continue straight ahead onto a footpath.  Follow this path for about 350m.  Rather than continue straight ahead, look for a path coming in from the left, and dropping steeply to the creek.  Take this path, then turn left.  Within 150m, use the bridge to cross to the west side of Darebin Creek.  The sealed path now follows Darebin Creek, south for 2km, to take you back to the bridge at Smith St, which you crossed near the beginning of the walk.  Walk back up to the road, then take the path to the parked cars near the toilet block.