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Mel 2D F8 and 44 H4

Commences at the car park adjacent to the north side of Kane’s Bridge (reached by turning left into Yarra Bend Bvd, off Heidelberg Rd).   Allow 40-45 minutes to reach Yarra Bend Park from Eltham.   Walk past the toilets on the right, following the track along the river for about 750m.   Walk past the viewing platform and up to re-join Yarra Bend Bvd.   Almost immediately turn left, and follow the path around the river for about 1 km.   Cross Merri Creek, using a small bridge, then turn left on a side track to view Dights Falls (only a few metres away).   After viewing the falls, retrace your steps for a few metres and turn left onto the Main Yarra Trail to follow the Yarra River for a further 850m.   Walk under Johnston St Bridge.  Almost immediately, the path divides into two.  Take the left (lower) fork.  The path will take you past the Collingwood Children’s Farm (most of the farm is on the left) and the Abbotsford Convent Arts Precinct, which is on the right.  On reaching Collins Bridge, ascend the steep steps.  Cross the bridge.  You now have 3 options:

1): the shortest.  Continue straight ahead; you will pass 2 asphalt paths on your right.  The second of these is the continuation of the main Yarra Trail.  The path you follow rises gently, and emerges onto a main road (Yarra Boulevard, though not sign-posted here).  Cross this road with care, and seek out the earthen path on the other side.  This will take you into a golf course.  Follow the path along the edge of Yarra Bend Park and Golf Course for about 1km.  When the path drops down to road level, re-join Yarra Boulevard.  Look for a large road sign that leads to the City, and walk under Walmer St overpass.  Cross the road, and pick up a narrow bush path on the left that leads down to the river and a car park.

2): the longest, and with a very narrow path above the river.  The group members need to agree that they are comfortable with following this track.  Turn left onto a narrow path that crosses a grassy area.  The path leads up a bank of the Yarra River, and follows the river about half way up the steep slopes of this, its Southern side.  Stay on the path for 1.5km, passing under Johnston St on the way.  About 300m beyond the Johnston St bridge, join a loop in Yarra Boulevard, which will be close by on the right.  Use the path adjacent to the Boulevard to walk back in the direction you have just taken.  At one point, you will be very close to Johnston St.  After about 1km, the Boulevard loop re-joins the main part of the road.  After about 100m, look for a narrow bush path that leads down to the river, and a car park.

3) in distance terms, somewhere in between 1) and 2).  Take the second (asphalt) path on the right, immediately after crossing the bridge – the main Yarra Trail.  It gradually rises, and takes you close to Yarra Boulevard (not sign-posted).  Stay on the footpath for about 900m, to bring you to Walmer St.   Turn left into Walmer St and walk to Studley Park Rd.  Cross this busy road with care, and look for the bus shelter on the left.   Behind this and to the left of the Jesuit Bush Hut is a track which takes you back to the Yarra Boulevard.  Cross Yarra Boulevard (again with care), turn right and go about 150m along the footpath adjacent to the entrance to Studley Park Boathouse.  Walk down the path to the river.

A left turn will bring you to the Studley park Boathouse. To return to the cars, walk back to Kanes bridge.