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Mel 33 A3

Commences from the car park at the end of Bonds Rd near Odyssey House.  Cross Bonds Rd, go through the gate; turn left onto a track that follows the fence (unless there’s been a lot of rain, in which case stick to the main trail), eventually returning to the main trail.  

Walk along the Main Yarra Trail towards Heidelberg.  Ignore side paths, until reaching a ‘Shared footpath’ sign where the Trail divides into 2 sections.  The right one leads to a large car park.   Follow the left fork, and when just past the car park (which is on your right) veer right onto a minor ‘single file’ track.  Soon, a lagoon is to be seen on the right.  When this track reaches a T junction, turn right, and almost immediately you will be re-joining the Main Yarra Trail.  Turn left onto the MYT.  At ‘Shared Path number 563, veer right, and walk to a brick building on the right, and toilet block on the left.  This is Warringal Park and the point at which we about turn, and begin the return walk.  On reaching tennis courts and another brick building on the left, and a gate and fence on the right, turn right.  There is no need to use the gate, as there is a break in the fence.  Use the single file track to cross a grassy area.  On reaching a fenced area, a path heads off to the left, while the single file track drops down towards the Yarra River.  Turn left here, as the track ahead can be very muddy at any time of year.  Follow the fence line, and eventually return to the MYT.  Turn right onto the Trail, and retrace your steps to the cars.