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Mel 177 K8

This walk takes in the Northern and Western areas of Woodlands Park, starting at the car park immediately south of the Woodlands Homestead. To reach this, turn off Sunbury Rd at the Oaklands Rd roundabout.  This is close to the North-South runway of Melbourne Airport.  The entry point to the park (the notice board says ‘Living Legends’ – a reference to the former race horses stabled here) is 100m along Oaklands Rd on the right, and the car park a further 800m inside the park, just to the right of the homestead (not in front of the homestead).

From the car park, walk so that Oaklands Rd is behind you.  Go through the small gate, and turn right along a well-defined track for 400m.  At the first intersection of tracks, turn left and head up a slight rise for 300m, past a track coming in from the right, and continuing on for a further 200m.  This will bring you to a eucalyptus plantation that is fenced off.  Turn left here, and walk along the fence line due north.

After 400m, the Parks Victoria Depot is on the right.

Veer left here, using the gravel road for 200m.  At this point a gravel road on the right joins with the road you are using. There is a wire fence alongside you on the right and a gate.  Walk west along this fence for a short distance towards the planes that have just taken off from Melbourne Airport.  At a notice board, turn right through the fence on a footpath.  This will bring you to a footbridge, and immediately ahead, an amenities block and picnic area.

Cross the bridge if you wish to use the amenities block. Otherwise, turn left along what is known as the Cultural Trail.  Follow this for about 1 km; the Moonee Ponds Creek – very often an intermittent stream, or dry creek bed – will be on your right.  Eventually a cleared area will be reached, with Woodlands homestead seen in the distance.  Rather than walk immediately back to Woodlands, follow an easement-like area on your right: it is fenced with white wire.  This will bring you back to the road that leads into Woodlands. Walk along the road, to the homestead, where coffee is available. Having a drink here is also an opportunity to look around the 1843 homestead.  Toilets are adjacent to the car park, as is a shelter with tables.