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Mel 49 D7

Begins at car park adjacent to Schwerkolt Cottage, off Deep Creek Rd.  From the car park, walk downhill on to the Eastlink Trail.  Stay on the Eastlink Trail, crossing Mullum Mullum Creek and Quarry Road.

Immediately after Quarry Road take the track to the left of the fence, before the timber walkway. 

When you reach a broad, metalled path turn right.  When you get to a better path, turn right. 

Follow this path back to the main trail.

After 100 metres, and opposite a flat-roofed house and cycle traffic sign, turn right off the main trail.  You will find a four-way intersection – turn left.  A fence is on your right as you go uphill back to the main trail.

Turn right (you may notice an A-frame cubby house opposite). 

Continue on, passing an Eastlink ventilation tower, and then uphill until the entrance to the Eastlink tunnel is visible below.  This is the break point.

Turn around and go back.  100 metres past a post “Ringwood 3.5k” turn left onto a track, crossing a metalled track.  Continue under a bridge, where the creek will be on your left, and rejoin the main trail at Quarry Road.

Just after re-crossing Quarry Rd, at the information board, turn sharp right onto the gravel track that leads uphill into the Reserve.  Follow this track (Wildflower Walk) around near the edge of the park to the Information Centre (toilets available, but sometimes closed).  Just after this point, take one of the paths on the left (either the Cherry Ballart Walk, or the Burgan Walk), passing a number of ponds, to begin zigzagging down the side of the hill on a network of paths. 

Eventually near the creek at the bottom of a hill, take either Yellow Box Track or Schwerkolt Track (Yellow Box joins Schwerkolt) to re-join Eastlink Trail, and turn right to return to the cars.