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Commences at the lower car park at the Le Page Homestead in the Hawkestowe Park.  To access the park turn right off Plenty Road into Gordons Road, then first left and then right following the signs to Le Page Homestead.

From the car park follow path up the hill to the homestead.  Pass between the homestead and the farm buildings and walk down the hill towards the path at the right hand end of the water.  Head up the grassy slope towards a gate on the opposite side.  Go through the gate and turn left onto a gravel road. Follow this road to a T intersection and turn left (signs indicate Morang Wetlands) – continue along this road to a T intersection then turn left.  When this road forks, take the right hand fork, and continue to follow signs to Morang Wetlands.  Turn left at a gateway into the wetlands area.  Continue along the track veering left.  At the next junction veer left following the sign to the Ridge Track.  This follows the left hand edge of the dam.  Continue past the exit gate 5 sign.  This section may involve 2 water crossings (planks) in order to continue.  After a very slight ascent and descent there is a crossroad – go straight across, following the signs to the Ridge

Track.  This track will eventually loop around and the fence will be on your left as the path turns.  Continue until a T intersection – turn left onto a gravel road.  Continue on this road until just past the Morang Wetlands/Ridge Track signpost; there is an orange arrow indicating a right turn to lead back out of the Wetlands area.  After passing through the gates, turn left and continue on the gravel road until a road appears on the left – turn left (sign indicates Nioka Bush Camp). 

Cross a chain road barrier then turn right.  Walk a short way down, then turn right through a gate.  Head down the grassy slope towards the water – turn right at the track and follow this track back to the car park.